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Month: October, 2010

Journey through PK: Part 2. Wake up, Pakistanis!

It is no secret that the responsibility lies in the hands of the people now. The ball is in our court, yet the corrupt political and social system continues to plug in barriers no matter how hard we try to break this vicious cycle of downfall. As the nation’s dwindling economy and society discuss the disgraceful and undoubtedly dangerous matters in conference rooms, on the fifty news channels and take over the headlines of the countless newspapers, an average Pakistani wonders how much more the media and strikes can really do? If reality bites, then I’m sure a show such as “Hasb-e-Haal” would have pinched some leaders back to reality, however, the fact remains that they continue on to compete for first place in corruption, or perhaps attaining the 10 crores to purchase another range rover. Yes, it’s as simple as that. Our leaders are so hungry for money and power, that they find no shame in pocketing the money hard-working and honest citizens offer the government and other leadership. We can take the textbook board incident as an example, where the chairman pocketed as much money as he possibly could before canceling the entire initiative which actually provides text books to all the primary government school in the province of Punjab. Was he worried that these children may not have books to educate themselves from next year? No siree. That is the true mentality of a Pakistani whose desperate for new money and a claim to fame. What do we, the average, do then? We are trapped from all corners; where do we begin? Education? Society? Art, perhaps? Do we continue to host strikes blocking rush hour traffic in the middle of mall road in Lahore? Do we laugh along with Azizi on his show at 11 pm each night? Do we blog, write, and spit at the name of our leaders? Where do we begin to pick up the million pieces that Pakistan has been shattered into?

To be continued…


Journey through PK: Part 1. Dawn of Reality

As my 22 year old mind attempts to capture the enormity of the despicable situation in the bleeding nation of Pakistan, my emotions make me weary as the light at the tunnel grows dimmer and more disloyal. The average Pakistani holds on tight to his seat, as the masses are told a dramatic change in the political arena is to take place; yet another uprising is to come, leaving shambles of political ideologies behind, ideologies that lack any sense of reality or logical existence. The political ‘leaders’ of our nation continue to battle on the streets, blinding themselves from the blaring truth: they are not the right answer. If they were, Pakistan would have perhaps initiated its journey onto a more progressive path by now. Yes, we have spent many a cups of tea describing Pakistan’s dilemma as one that breaks our heart and drives us up the wall, but enough of the talk ladies and gentlemen. Enough of the scandalous conversations that only make us, the citizens, more bitter. Indeed, the unpredictable future of Pakistan is finding it increasingly difficult to place its feet on the ground, as if the ground beneath is shifting away, but there is no more time left. We are at the deadline. We must come to accept that the current leadership of the country lacks any characteristic that could save us from drowning. The simple solution is Us, the people of Pakistan. It is simple in that there is no other solution left, therefore we must point our fingers to ourselves. However, the complexities that lie within the journey we must undertake, are at the moment still brewing, and closely tied with blood shed. In proposing the solution, of course, we must analyze the problem from every angle and scrutinize each detail till it wreaks of reasons for its failure, but as I mentioned before, time is running out and Pakistan is loosing its balance in the world as we speak.

To be continued…