Foreword – Education on the Horizon

Knowing that today, it is unsafe for a young child to make their way to school serves as the first warning sign of a staggering nation; a nation where the prime medium of attaining stability, “education”, has been deemed sinful by the extremists, and unsafe by the citizens. My strong belief lies in our struggle to strive for, and then maintain a high standard of education, which is undoubtedly necessary to achieve qualitative success over time. It will bring into our societies informed individuals, with imagination, strength and the imperative understanding of using knowledge to help a nation rise, rather than religion or any personal beliefs. Without education, simply put; without an appropriate standard of schooling for our masses in Pakistan — there is almost no hope of survival, let alone prosperity.

Therefore, I walk hand in hand with the reality that with better schools and increased spot light on education, we can change our lives, one student at a time. I ask you, literate souls and kindred minds, to walk hand in hand with me in this venture.

With this precise comprehension of knowledge and it’s immaculate qualities, I leave you to explore my blog, which also provides you with a link to receiving a copy of my book “Education on the Horizon” — which is a brief analysis of the political culture within which education exists in Pakistan.

Thank you for your interest,

Aanya Niaz