Aliph se Allah, Aliph se Junoon

by Aanya F Niaz

To befriend silence at a time of sin; to draw the curtains on the conscience of mankind and to provoke the defining terms of nature as ample reason for crime is an injustice of the worst kind.

We must begin at the bottom, at the periphery of reality and with grains of sand within our reach. Most of us are intimidated by the colossal task at hand: Helping those in need. However, what we do not realize is that despite the televised and broadcasted agencies that work at the highest level of bureaucracy and portray themselves as the only able and capacitated organizations that can alleviate problems, we can begin right at home. We can begin right at Aliph.

Whether you’re a student at a University in Pakistan, or an academic pursuing a graduate degree abroad, you ‘can’ make a difference, despite your fear of failure due to financial limitations, lack of popularity or connections. You can change a life by spreading awareness.

Just having finished watching Frontline PBS’s documentary on “Dancing Boys of Afghanistan”, the enormous significance of saving a life just by becoming aware of a situation is gigantically moving. While we allow nature to take its course, time to advance, tides to rise and waves to swallow, we are living in a world where we cannot remain quiet – Where we cannot simply adhere to political correctness and push under the carpet, realities of war, rape, murder, inequality and oppression, because it would be too difficult to raise your voice and take a stand because the political authorities could hinder you. If you have witnessed a disaster, a tragedy of sorts or a crime scene, speak up because through the medium of your verbalization, someone will rise up. You do not have to be a journalist to do this. You simply have to conquer your own humanity. You only need to exist as the mother, sister, daughter, son, father, brother, cousin or friend that you are; of the man or woman that is being molested by society, emotionally, physically or intellectually so that you can save them or assist someone in doing so.

I recognize how some of you may deem my voice insignificant, and the content of this article repetitive – obsolete almost, but I perceive many around me who are struggling with realities they have been exposed to, only because they are maddeningly fearful of the consequences of speaking up. Rest assured that no one is asking you to go save a human directly, or appeal to your own death to make a difference — but anonymously, or not, speak up. That is where you can begin to bring change, right at Aliph.