Review on “Education on the Horizon” Published in Leading English Newspaper in Pakistan

by Aanya F Niaz

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When one wonders about the lowest literacy rates in the world, Pakistan undoubtedly comes in one?s mind. Being a third world country ravaged by corruption and instability, Pakistan has become a breeding ground for terrorism. With its brutal history of wars and insecure relations with neighbouring countries, a question that recurrently arises is: what can we, Pakistani citizens, do?

Education on the Horizon provides some answers. It recognises the untapped potential Pakistan has and the lack of strategy and interest to make the most of it. The author feels the necessity of resorting to a pragmatic approach of bringing change and hence publishes her research on various education systems, their organisation and functioning along with the politics that play into each type of school. Furthermore, she divides national and local leadership to improve understanding of who precisely plays a role in the education sector and to what extent. This is of much significance as the people need to know who they may hold accountable for the standard and quality of education they are receiving. There is no doubt that the national and local leadership both face countless hindrances in terms of finances, interest, teacher participation, teaching programmes, religious inclinations, location and costs. Therefore, organising these problems in accordance with who can fix them is vital and coherently results in a politically viable solution.

The book commences with an understanding of the current dilemmas that the department of education faces. Indeed, it makes it evident that it is up to this generation to bring-about the educational change Pakistan needs. The purpose of this brief book is to make accessible and conveniently comprehensible the types of schools Pakistan has and the political context within which they exist. Education on the Horizon analyses the disputed education systems and high gender disparity rates and identifies major hindrances in achieving education reforms. The book concludes with an expansive understanding of the education culture, highlighting knowledge requirements of the population in line with their religious and social associations. In the end it makes recommendations that could qualitatively improve the education department of Pakistan. It serves as a handy text for any progressive mind, which is eager to attain an equal and singular standard of academic curriculum in Pakistan so as to offer the citizens equal opportunities.

An Academics comments:

“Education on the Horizon is a passionate plea to the Pakistani nation, its citizens and its government to devote more societal resources to education.  Despite the grave geo-political difficulties which Pakistan faces at the present moment, Aanya Niaz holds out hope that a rational reform of the nation’s education system can pay great dividends.  As she argues, economic success and social development depend upon a well-designed and adequately funded system of public education.”

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