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Month: April, 2011

“Wake up, the Water is Still Running”

From the North Western area of Pakistan, meandering its way down to the South of Punjab on the Eastern border of the country, water continues to rob lives, infrastructure, livelihoods and stability. The New York Times article on “2010 Pakistan Floods”* aptly describes the reality as grim and improving at a painstakingly gradual pace.

What needs to be known is that 2 million lives were effected. These people still do not have a roof over their heads, a cow to sell milk off of, clothing to keep themselves covered, roads to make their way on, rights to speak against the Government and no access to food. The tragedy that struck these millions of lives in July 2010 does not sleep, and we must stay awake as well.

International and national relief efforts have slowed down, as Pakistan’s War against Terror and internal terrorist incidents are gaining precedence. With stories such as that of Mr. Raymond Davis, the Government’s focus has shifted from flood relief efforts to that of managing US C.I.A involvements in Pakistan. To add to that, of course, is the Afghani demand of Pakistani’s parting themselves from the fight against terror.

We must stay awake. What can “you” do to make a difference? Contribute to the Edhi Foundation, Imran Khan Fund for Relief Efforts and other organizations that are mainly based in Pakistan and offer objective information on how they are either adopting villages that have been wiped out, working closely with NGO’s that are providing consistent shelter and food items to the victims, partner up with organizations that are taking volunteers to these areas to understand the situation first hand, offer to work to build schools, rehabilitate and most importantly, spread awareness and keep your eyes peeled.

This is a plea of a mere citizen of Pakistan.

Let us be the future of our country, let us make it a better place for our children.




Maula, Jahan dekhoon, Buss Tu hee Tu Hai

Inquiring within, I’m at a loss because to be lost is my reward for asking.

Shattered by the bewildering confusion that unsettles my tranquility, I cannot be found because I believe that the roshni is somewhere, that glimmer I seek, it is bedazzled, mesmerizing but in a perpetually developing medium of confusion. Nothing is clear. The mirror speaks to me with a glimpse of an answer in one eye, and the other eye lid coming together, kissing one another, ensuring I cannot capture the clarity the other eye has seen.

In my house of dreams, I look around but I cannot be seen – I raise my hands above, high towards the sky and I feel the tips of my fingers, dripping with the sweat of my longing for a taste of an answer, but the only response I receive is a palette of twirling winds, gurgling waters and a storm of thoughts and charismatic perceptions that lead me astray even further.

I am lost. I am living. I am breathing. I am lost because that is the only way to be. I will welcome you to my house, only if you see Maula with me.. Only if you will be sacred in my sins and my virtues, only if you will forget to tell the difference between the two. The gist of my soul is unknown till the day it collapses into the dark abyss of the ocean; where truth will remain hidden as a precious pearl, sparkling with virtue, purity and clarity. But by then, my soul will be dead, and I will not be able to tell. That, to, me, is, life.

Meray Maula –

Tu wohi hai, jo samajh mei nai aata.

Tu wohi jawab hai, jis ko mei dhoondi nahi pati.

Tu woh sab hai jis ko mei chahtay huay paa nai sakti.

Mei iss ishq mei magan hoon.. Is ishq-e-gham mei, jiss mei meri khushi magan hai.