Our Protectors Only Protect Themselves

The power outages are creating havoc in Pakistan. In most villages in the outskirts of the larger cities, there is no electricity for over consecutive 48 hours. Generators are at hard work in the houses of those who can afford 2 or 3 thousand dollars; the rest, well, might as well collect their sweat to sip on. The article below published in the Express Tribune shows just how much our government, our protectors, our torches of hope are managing the situation: those protesting against the power outages have been harmed, leaving 2 dead and several injured. The fathers, mothers, sons and daughters of Pakistan are not asking for the extraordinary, in fact, are pleading for the ordinary, the necessary and the fundamental needs of survival. Why is the Government of Pakistan having such a hard time recognizing their duty? They have proved the following statement to be true, more than ever: “Absolute power corrupts absolutely”

Is this what we pay our taxes for? (Those who do pay taxes, that is) Is this what we live in Pakistan for? Is this our future?

You can’t trust anyone but yourselves. As for the Government, “Allah hee hafiz hai”.

The following article published in the Express Tribune, Pakistan makes evident the case I have explained above: