Stop and Think

It’s not just that we live within urbanized paradigms, and forget to breathe real oxygen often enough, we have served ourselves a cruel amount of immunization in the form of numbness. The wilderness of violence surrounds us, yet we succumb to none other than quietening dispositions. This past week has brought madness to a whole new level: chemical weapons of mass destruction in Syria. Piles and piles of cotton-clad bodies, labeled numerically, placed in room after room have not shocked the international community enough to stop, and think: Why are we questioning whether it’s a chemical attack or not? Why are we doubting such a gruesome reality. The dangerous silence has consumed lives, and yet we remain unscathed by the horrors of death. Pure murders. Death of family, after family, after family. High-level discussions within various white-marbled halls are not the solution – That, if there is no immediate result, is merely a futile effort. Conversations that lead to other conversations to redeem the situation are only delaying what needs to be immediate reaction. Mankind is caught in a suffocating rut, ironically, becoming slow in acknowledging that death is all around us and unless we stop and think, our complacent, yes complacent behaviors will not change anything.